Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Happy Birthday Daddy!!!!

Have a Blessed Birthday.


Happy Birthday Daddy!
This was his last year picture. In the office. 

K. I'm just joking. Crazy ah, this is my dad wei. Want me to write a one liner only. Anyway. Here goes. . .

Daddy. Thank you so much for everything! For working so hard to get all that money for us to survive and more. For buying us whatever we want. For giving us whatever we want. Not need. But want!

*Oh my gosh, I'm gonna cry in the office. Die! If my boss come out*

I will always appreciate it when you bought me a guitar and teach me how to play it.
I will always appreciate all those times you woke up early to fetch us to school or wherever we want to go. I totally understand it now. It's so damn tiring.
I will always appreciate you providing me a car to go to college and till now for me to go to work.
I will always appreciate you following me to go to the police station whenever there was an accident. Or coming to the "crime" scene.
I will always appreciate you giving me money whenever I don't have any.
I will always appreciate you sending me to study in UK. For sending me so much money whenever I need it.
I will always appreciate you for letting us HAVE and DO whatever we want.

But last of all and not the least,

I will always appreciate you (and mummy) for wanting to keep me and raise me up when you first heard of me.

All in all, what I'm trying to say is, Daddy, I & We love you for you being you!

Happy Birthday Daddy!

I & We Love YOU!!

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