Sunday, April 26, 2009

Again, ANd again.

Another freak. Aih.

Few days after we came back from my Euro Trip. We went to watch a movie on Tuesday. Cause Tuesdays are Bargain Tuesdays. Which means. ITS CHEAP CHEAP. Well. It costs £4.70 to watch a movie. And student price is £5.80. So ya. Anyway.

We watched the Haunting in Connecticut. You know I DO NOT like to watch all this movies. Plus. I just had my own bloody experience de. We go watch that movie. But well. Me baby wanna watch. ANd he always teman me watch my movies. So ok. All I had to do was close my eyes and hide behind him. Lolx. Which I did actually. He keep nudging me to watch. And kept laughing at the scary scenes. -.-"

Well. Anyway. After that movie. -.-'

Went to grab a bite at this place called Yummy Yummy! hahaha. It's a chinese restaurant. And ya know. We were talking in English the whole time. Cause well. Cause of me la. ANd then this bunch of China guys came in. And heard us la. ANd they thought we didn't know Mandarin. Well. Me la. Anyway. They were like talking la. About us. Thinking maybe we from Thailand or somewhere. SUper funny la. Cause suddenly Mei Ting ter-talk to Tian Hao in Mandarin. So ya. Lolx.

Well. ANyway. We got home. ANd it was pretty late de. But ya. ANyway. Was really tired de. So I just got ready to sleep and stuff. Made Stan sleep with me.

Here goes. Stan fell asleep first. Could here him snoring de. He was hugging me to sleep. But well. Ya. No surprise. I got slept on. AGAIN. But I guess this was a different one. So ya. As usual. I couldn't get up. My hands were trying to grab Stan to wake me up. To pull me up. He was so freaking close to me. Yet he doesn't know. But in the end. He woke me up! ANd then, as if I woke up from a dream. I opened my eyes. Turned to him. Pulled him closer to me and said that I got disturbed. Again. SO ya. He scolded the thing. ANd I went back to sleep. He didn't sleep till the sun came up. Cause he was watching over me the whole time. Thank You Baby! I didn't know only the next morning.

Then he told me. He was actually dreaming. Dreaming that he was eating some damn delicious grapes. -.-" Don't know why he has been obssessed with grapes. -.-"

ANyway. In his dream. He was dreaming that he was happily eating some delicious grapes. It was like some nice happy place of his. All sunny and stuff. -.-" Anyway. Hahaha. Suddenly. This black, tall thing stood in front of him. And took his happiness away. *hahahaha* He was like swearing at it to move la. Cause it was blocking his path.

That's when he saw me. In his dream. I was walking past by him. And something was following me behind. He yelled out to me. ASking me to run. And the thing was chasing me. But he couldn't save me cause the black thing was blocking him. Thats when he woke up and woke me up. And that's when I told him I got disturbed.

Bugger ah.

But anyway. Ever since then. Nothing has been happening. Even if there is something. I'm getting good in ignoring it. So ya. Lalalalal~

Church. I need to go to church.
ANd today is Sunday.

Nooooooooooooooo! -.-"

I suck.

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