Monday, April 20, 2009

Amsterdam part 1

The Night Before Amsterdam~

Had to get to Uni at around er, 9 - 10 something. At night. Threw some last minute packing. And off we go to me Uni. We thought that we were early. But there were a bunch of people there de.

Look at the amount of people who were going too.

Took some pictures while waiting for the buses to arrive.

I know. I look like shit

See. Stan so the short. That he has to stand on the pavement. And Tian Hao is still taller than him. Hahahahaha!

There was like 4 buses for this trip. That's like freaking a lot la. One whole bus were full of orang hitam. Then the rest. 90% were chinese. Then the 10% were like, a mix. More like 89% from China. And 1% from Malaysia. Maybe more like 0.05%. Haha. There was like only 4 of us Malaysians there. There was this other Malaysian guy too.

Anyway, Melinda was supposed to come too. But then. She called up Mei Ting and told her that she wasn't coming de. There goes 400pounds down the drain. Oh well. Its her money.

So it was the 3 of us. And Mei Ting got to sit alone. So nice. Can stretch legs all.

Before we got to the port. There was this massive jam. Ugh. Bloody slow moving. But luckily we got there on time. Or so.

We had to wait for about 40 minutes to get on the ferry. WITH THE BUS! Hahaha. We didn't know we were gonna do that. So ya. Oh my gawd. I'm getting old de. In the bus. I felt like puking. When I got on the ferry. Hailatness!
Felt worse.

After the bus parked in the ferry. We were asked to get down and to stay at the lounge till we were called back to the bus. And they said there's like a bar and stuff. And even duty free!!!!! I didn't bring pounds. So I couldn't buy anything. Not like I could too if I wanted to. I had motion sickness. Ugh. Old nye!

Me putting 'foong yau'

Applying it. It felt goood. Lolx.

My 'foong yau' and babi Mei Ting's Smirnoff Ice.

Me sleeping nicely after 'foong yau'
Foong Yau is my best friend de.

Thank Gawd it was only for like an hour or so. Or I would've died. Seriously. Bloody torture.

It was another 5-6 hours ride or so to get to AMSTERDAM!!!! Tried to sleep. I think I did. I don't remember. Hehe.

*Whole time missing that idiot*


We got there in the morning. Forgot what time. And guess what. We got to the wrong hostel. It was the same branch. But just different location. Bugger ah. It was super funny. Luckily our bus was the last one behind. The first 2 buses already got down with their bags. But then we found out we were at the wrong hostel. And they had to get their bags back into the bus. Haha.

It was just our bus drivers at first with our um, advisor? Who um. Planned this trip?
She's the international lecturer thingy. I dont remember. Hahaha

Then the whole other buses joined in to find out where the heck is our hostel.

After some detour and stuff. Roads are so small!!!
We got to our hostel. But we couldn't get into our rooms yet. So we got to leave our luggage in a room. And had like 4 hours to roam Amsterdam first. We quickly looked for a place to have lunch. We were freaking hungry de. So we just got into an Italian restaurant and had pasta.

Another thing it was kinda hard to look for food. Cause Mei Ting is a Vegetarian. So. Ya. But anyway. Most of the shops were closed too. So. Ya.

Had our food. Me and Elaine walked around while Mei Ting went back. She got lost for about an hour. And a guy came and helped her out by showing her back all the way to the hostel. Thank Gawd that guy wasn't some kind of rapist or shit. So ya.

Came back. Had dinner at the hostel. And we were off to REDLIGHT DISTRICT~ Woot!

To be continued~ Cause I feel like it

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