Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Amsterdam Pt 2!

Amsterdam. Day. 2.

So well. The next morning. I was sick. Got up early. But my throat was so dry. And I had like sore throat. Was feeling a bit sickish. Then Mei Ting was like. You guys sleep only la. Later you get sick. So I drank water and went back to sleep. Since I didn't get much sleep in the bus and stuff. And walked the whole day too.

So the next thing I know. I woke up around 2-3 something. And I was ALONE! Oh well. ANyway. I got ready. And I didn't know what to do next. I mean. My phone no credit. How to call Mei Ting where they were. I could only send one last message. Then die. Haha.

She told me they were at H&M. SO I was like. Ok. That was an hour ago. Maybe I look for them around there. If not. I go have lunch alone and then go back to the hostel. I went to H&M. Then so damn bloody ngam. They were walking on the same street. Along H&M. Phew*

Or not I would have to have lunch alone. So sad. So we went to the Sports Cafe. And that's where I ate my HUGE breakfast/lunch/tea. SO fattening. Ya I know. I look so damn fat too.

AFter food. Got home. And then Mei Ting said she wants to go have the free dinner that the hostel was providing. I was like. Aiya. Then like that I should have saved money la. But ya. Me and Elaine shared a plate of something I don't remember. Ya I know. I seriously ate damn a lot. Hehe.

Changed. And went for the funfair! We took the tram. Got down. ANd at first we were like. Oh no. Are we lost. Crap. We walk walk. Shit wei. How la. Then we turn to the right. OOOOh! Lolx. It was just behind the street. How we didn't notice it also I don't know. Lolx.

And so. We sat on the Ferris Wheel. Bugger. Damn high up lo. So damn freaking scary. And that swing thingy like in Genting. It's the same freaking height. You know how freaking scary is it!!!!!!
SO anyway. Me and Mei Ting like just sat still. Trying to enjoy the view. Cause we like damn scared. Elaine was like. Left right left right taking pictures. Lolx. But the view was amazing!

After the ferris wheel. We decided to play the ride which was called break dance. -.-
It was not made for us Chinese girls. More like for me and Mei Ting. Cause we almost FLEW out of the ride. There's no belt to whole us down or anything. Just the bar in front of us. Omg. We were thrown around our seats. I knock my head here and there. I dont know how Elaine. WHo sat by herself could actually hold on.

I really thought I was gonna die. Because the ride moves super fast. Spinning you here and there. I really thought at any moment I will be thrown out. And then you all can say bye bye to me de. And the first thing I thought was Stan, my family then my friends. Like shit la. Damn nice way to die right. On a freaking ride. -.-"

Bugger. Thank gawd the ride stopped in the end. When we got down. I was super dizzy. Really felt like throwing up. At one point. Mei Ting told me. She thought she was going to die too. And then she was thinking of Tian Hao and her family the whole time. Lolx. Soo..we were thinking of the same thing. Lolx.

Well anyway. The next thing we went on was the Haunted Mansion thing. Nothing much la. I just sat in the middle of them. Lolx. Soo ya. A waste of money tho. After that. Me and Elaine sat the stupid swing thing. I really wanted to cry de.

I can't believe I'm getting scared with sitting all these rides. I must be getting old. Lolx. Well anyway. I was so scared I couldn't snap any pictures while I was up there. Only one. Which was of Elaine's feet. Hahaha. ANd she kept JUMPING UP AND DOWN on the seat. Cause its two by two kinda seat. And then the seat was bouncing. I was like. WWOOOOOOOOOOOOIiiiiiii!!! ELAINE!!!! STOP IT LA!!!!!! YOU WANT ME TO KILL YOU LATER AH!!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

SO ya. I was scared. Freezing from the freaking icy cold wind. Came down. I look like shit. Hahaha. My mascara went flying here and there. Lolx.

Later on. Elaine wanted to sit the freaking crazy ride. So ya. Let her sit. I too scared de. Hahaha. SO I just took pictures for her and waited with Mei Ting for her. We finished our fun by trying to hit down those stupid cans. CAUSE THE SOFT TOYS WERE HUGE! Hehe. And damn cute too!
But of cus. I WASN'T STRONG ENOUGH. HOW CAN! HEhehehe. So ya.

Got home. And I went online again. But for awhile cause had to be early for breakfast. And the amount of people queueing up. So ya.

To be continued..BERLIN!

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