Friday, December 12, 2008


I sooooo want to get a dog now! I feel soooo lonely. And having a doggie with me now will be oh so nice. Choonie! I want a doggie for my birthday pressie! Lolx. I was up that night. Couldn't sleep. Looking for dogs online. They are so freaking expensive. Freaking £200 to £1000. Like what the heck. I can buy my iPhone, Lv purse and whatever I want. But but but, I think getting a dog is much more worth it? I mean. I can play with it. And cuddle cuddle with me to sleep.

Then I went to see if I could adopt one! There were actually some nice ones. Even though a lil older than I wanted. But it seems ok. Then I remembered. Damnit. I have to ask my landlord. DAMN THIS! Lolx. See! See! The doggies. All sooooo cute!


Miniature Schnauzers. I always wanted a pure white one!

Toy poodle. See Chelsie for reference. Lolx.

A papillon. The ears are like a butterfly. Lolx

Siberian Husky!!!!! I just love their eyes. One side brown and the other blue!

A bloody cute Maltese. AAAh. Shoooo adorable!

Border Collie. Fluffy

West Highland White Terrier. Omg. I want one!

Can someone be nice to me and get one for me? Any one of these will do. I want some company! Or Amelyn, ship Chelsie here! Or get Chelsie to make puppies! Then we have more Chelsies! Then send one over here!! Weeeeee~

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