Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tuesday Night

Pictures of London. Is in Fb. Too lazy to load it here again. >.<

Was supposed to go ta Mahiki Club. But we couldn't get in cause we didnt make a reservation. But Chelle's mum did and they said "Oh Tuesdays you don't have to make one" SO ok. Got there. They said. "Tuesday's are reservations ONLY night". Like WTF! So ya.

So we head down, and passed by this seafood place and Chelle's mum decided we shall eat there instead then.

ATe at Pescatori. Or something like that. We couldn't order any starters cause the kitchen were gonna close soon and so could only order mains. -.-

Had Lamb! Yum! And Tiramisu for dessert. Yumness!

See pictures in FB. Lolx.

After dinner. Got home. Chelle didn't want to end the night like this. So off we went ta Roadhouse. Our fav place de i guess. Lolx.

We were expecting it to be a quiet night. Since it was a TUESDAY. But it wasn't. Weird.

But the bartenders were crazy that night. They kept going on the bar and banging the ceiling with their bottle opener and jumping on the bar. Monkeys! Lolx.

But but Pete. We thought he was being a bitch for looking at us like "Omg, the asian chicks again!" But, he came over and actually shook our hands and said Hi and how were we doing and stuff.


Adorable! Lolx.

Oh well. All in all. It was a fun "quiet" night. Had loads of drinks spent by some guys we met. So. It was all great.


Oh well.

London again this Saturday! Going down with the Uni. Free transport. For Christmas shopping!
And ya. I have noooo money. How the heck am I gonna shop. Lolx.

Alrighty then~

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