Thursday, December 4, 2008


So. I just got back from Legends. £1.50 for any drink and shots.
But. I only drank like 1 shot and a bottle of VDK Apple. That's all.


Bah. I went there late. Cause my lovely friends told me last minute! How to get ready!! So. They left me. I had to walk alone. And had to pay £4 to get in. At least its cheaper than London. If you get in before 10.30 *so freaking early* you get to only pay £2. SO ya. Babinya


Oh well. Mei Ting called her china guy. Lolx. They kept forcing her to dance with him. Lolx. SO freaking funny. SOrry pictures abit blur. Oh well. What to do. Camera phone. No flash. -.-

Got her to take pictures with him. Lolx.

I put on weight meh??? *sob*

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