Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Bloody tiring day just getting to Manchester. Such a hassle. Have to change like 4 different trains. Gawd. And the whole time damn scared I miss it. Have to drag my oh so heavy bag to get to different platforms. Bugger.

And didn't have enough sleep. Slept for like um. 3 hours only. Then had to catch trains de. Not only that. Woke up waaaaaaay too early. Had to wait one hour just for my train. How I did that. I still have no idea. Stoned.

Got to Manchester Piccadilly Station. Called Tung and he havent even got up yet. Bugger. He said he'll be there in 5 mins. o.O
OK. And seriously. He came in like 5 minutes. Or so. But it was fast.

He asked if I was carrying someone in my bag. Sorry for being a girl. -.-

Got to his place. And fell asleep till 7. Oh. I reached at around 2pm. So. Slept for like 3-4 hours?
He woke me up say go dinner with his friends. So. Ok.
And I wanted to shower. Bugger said I only had like 15minutes to bathe. -.-

Rushed to toilet ta shower. And I broke one of his soap. Lucky the cover only broke half and didn't spill all over. Still can cover la.

I'm a freaking klutz.

Went out for dinner. There was like 10 of us? Had dinner at a Canto restaurant. Totally delicious! Of cause. Paid so much for it. Had so many different dishes I have no idea what is it. All I know was that there were meat and vege. Lolx. And there was me favourite pork! Bt everyone took it de. I was left with the yam. -.- But still nice la.

After dinner. Went to Rileys for pool, snooker and darts.

And cause of Tung, I is dai kah jie de. -.-

Bloody idiot!

Just got back. It's just me and Tung for now in this er, 4 room apartment? Ya. And he was pumping up the inflatable bed. Cause I'm sleeping on his bed. Freaking funny. Took picture of him. Hahaha.

The other rooms are gonna be occupied by, Jon and his gf, Meng Fai and his gf and CK's bro and his gf.

Yes. All couples. So me and Tung can take turns jadi lampost. All of them will be here tomorrow. Cause Jon and gf and Meng Fai and gf are in London. Will be back around lunch. I'll be sleeping like a pig then.

Didn't take much pictures today. And I don't remember any of Tung's friends name. So many. And dah lah I forgetful pulak. Aish.
Shall ask him later. One of them might be coming over to play cards. So, see how la.


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