Thursday, December 18, 2008

Stupid MING!!!


Finally i'm in ...

then again i have nothing to say...

nothing interesting happened lately

I'm having major dry coughs now

manda sucks :D wait til she gets the access in to see this haha!

You want me to kill you ah! stupid ming!
I tried getting in to your stupid blog for dont know how fucking long de! Wow. I have not been swearing for such a long time. I feel Hahahha

Yea. I was supposed to be scolding to stupid shit ming! You ass! and you can some more go and post that! you ass!!!!!

and i couldnt spam your chatterbox anymore. cause it just pissed me off. cause it wont have much impact. cause its so small. so my scolding wont be so. um. powerful? hahahahha

sEE! you make me dont know what to type de!

BAH! Argh! Waaaaaa! Omg! Waaaa!

Geram sial!


I still love you tho. Ass shit you!

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