Saturday, December 6, 2008


Day of my attempt to "Diet"

Woke up at 12pm.

1pm. Had pizza for lunch/breakfast

3pm. 3 biscuits.

4pm. A packet of crisps.

6pm. Got hungry. But had. WATER!

8pm. Still havent had dinner. Waiting for my friend so can cook together.

9pm. Mei Ting came down and asked to go makan at IK.

10pm. Dinner! So. Had Tofu Rice at Imperial Kitchen.

And now. I feel awfully fat.

Oh no! I just realized I didn't do any post for Ric for his birthday. Shit. Ok. Hopefully he no read my blog no more. Then he won't know. Whahahaha. Yes!Lolx. *sob*

Been a good girl and stayed home the whole day. Heck! I've been staying home everyday la! What rubbish. -.-

Maybe I shall force myself to sleep now. Try to get rid of the panda eyes. Argh. K. Off ta bed.

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