Monday, December 1, 2008


Just did another post for it la. Aish. Lolx. The whole "story" is the second post! >.<

This is the sushi place Chelle's mum spent us. It's much more expensive. But not as fresh as YO! Sushi's one tho.
And less choices too.

This is Chell's Emergency money. Lolx. She had no money for dinner after our shopping spree~ Lolx.

Can you see me? Ya. We decided to throw it out of her room while me. Stand there. Try to like maybe avoid it crashin on the mini cooper.

It broke! wee~


I had nasi lemak! Yay! But not so yummy. The closest thing I can get mah.
And its costs freaking £5 for that!
I can eat like 10 nasi lemak in front of Blitz wan.

Chelle had Mee Mamak. Ya. Yum!

Teh Tarik!

Was getting ready. Then came out. Chelle snap the picture.

A band was playing.

The place so the pack!

Was sitting in the trishaw thingy. Was drizzling too.
Rain in UK is bloody drizzle only. Like small drops of it. It's like, em. Sprinkles of water. Haha.

Sho tired.

Changed. Lazy to shower. >.<

My eyes look so scary lo.

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