Sunday, December 28, 2008

Manchester Outings~

Hmm. Ok. I'll try to summarize like the whole events for the past few days.
Been sorta busy and also there weren't any computers free for me to blog. Tung is forever on it. Of cause. Since it is his and he is forever playing games. I didnt have the chance to blog.
The other computers are like occupied too. So ya.

Been eating chinese food EVERYDAY! And been spending loads shit on food. JUST FOOD!
I'm sooooo getting fatter man. Damnit.

Had steamboat on Christmas day. And drinking sessions. But not much drinking. Drank a little.
Yesterday drinking session wasn't much. And all of them keep targeting me when the target was supposed to be aimed at Edmund. Bugger.

Been eating dim sum. EVERYDAY!! The only day I did not eat dim sum was yesterday. Today ate dim sum again.

Broke. Broke.

Went shopping. And gonna be soooooo damn broke. But I only bought two skirts. One bag. And two lotion from Bodyshop. The cranberry ones. Smells good~

And now. Totally broke. Gonna spend my days with maggie mee again. Argh. Or just Milo. Hey. I can go on a milo diet. Yup yup. Lolx.

Oh yea. And Nette bought me a bag from DKNY and also a coin purse from Kipling. Take pictures for me to see how it looks like!!! Not nice you can keep it. Hahahhahahha.

I'm having fun with these bunch of people. Even though they freaking tease me as much as ESP does. Or you know what. As much as anyone else does. WHY DO YOU GUYS LIKE TO FREAKING TORTURE MEH!!!!!!!!
Jon's been trying to act "scary" against me. Cause ya. They call me daikahjie. -.-
So everytime I say something. He tries to ask me to shut up or go to my room or whatever and tries to "scare" me with his facial expression that his mad at me. And I'll burst out laughing. Hahhahahhaha. Now we say everytime he tries to scold his kids next time. They will point at him and laugh at his face. HAhahahhahaha. I can't take him seriously de.
And Tung is forever farting!!! -.-
I sleep on the same freaking bed with him. And he bloody hell farts a lot. Thank gawd it doesn't smell. Shit man. Freaking lot of gas lo he!

I'm so damn bored now. I guess I should study and also do my assignments. But this isn't my pc. I feel so weird doing my work on someone else's pc. No likey.

Or maybe I shall just go back to sleep. Hahahahhaha.

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