Monday, December 22, 2008

To London

to see that stupid babi Lizzie. She didn't tell me what time I should go meet her. So I will go when I wake up. And hopefully will be on time for lunch. And I hope it's not so bloody pack.

Yea. I know. I should've asked. But knowing me. I forgot. Then I got lazy. Cause was watching Desperate Housewives the whole day. So didn't bother till just now. Messaged Christian. A bloody long message . Cause that babi didn't tell me what time she wanna meet me.

Will remember to kill her first before screaming me head off cause too happy to see her and running to her to hug her. So how am I supposed to do that before running to hug her.

Ok. Shall kill her after hug her and screaming.

And then.



Good plan.

Good. So now. I have to sleep. Or I won't be able to wake up. And hopefully I am able to sleep. Cause my babi housemate who is living above me is still not asleep and she keeps walking here and there.

Secretly. I think she loves breakdancing. Or shuffling. So I think she practices like in the bloody middle of the bloody night so that no one will know.

But of cuz. I am not asleep till then.

And she always uses the toilet after all that dancing. So I guess she showers or freshen up or whatever. Cause you know. She is quite. Um. Big. So. I guess. She. Um. Sweat. So. Um. Ya. You know. A lot. Ya.

You know what. I shall sleep now and stop yakking. But I love to go on and on and on about total utter rubbish. Cause it's fun.
Maybe cause I have not been conversing much today. Since I have been stuck in my room. Watching Desperate Housewives. And so. Did not really see any of my housemates and also did not talk to anyone online.

So I'm jabbering here. To let out some. Um. Rubbish. Yes.

Oh wait. Now I remember. I actually did talk to someone. Or was it yesterday.

You know what. I need sleep.


*at last I shut my mouth*

*all that yakking is giving me a headache*


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