Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just clicky on it!

Eh eh. Just click on this website and sign up for it. I get 0.20 cents every time someone does it for me. I know. So little. But who cares. Its for fun!!!!!! Hahaha. So do it! Do it!!!!

Oh! I'm going off to One Utama later. Anyone wanna join me for yc? Come come! Or maybe not since I need to sleep for tonight! Going zouk! Argh. Have not been clubbing. But no diff cause I have to go back early since I got work tomorrow. Aih. Wanted to take leave but too late to take. So ya.

Oh oh. I almost bought my jacket. But then cause my mum said its not long enough. If I tuck in my top then the jacket is short. Ya. But instead, I bought a skirt! I guess I'll wear it for tonight! Gyahahahaha.

Now I need to go rush them for my SALARY! Its so unfair that my boss all got money de. And I haven't got mine yet. Cbz. Aih. K shall go now.
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