Thursday, November 6, 2008


So, I took this from Aunty Jane's blog. And this is so wonderfully not wonderful. It all happened right outside my house. And also. The drain I always puke in after clubbing or after drinking and ya. -.-

oh. and pattie is my mum's nick for something. so ya.

6 Nov'08, 2am, Just back from work and was browsing the blogs in pdc while pattiemy was eating the carrot cake (yes, duncan, she's eating yet again) ...suddenly we heard a commotion outside the compound of our house, we thought it was some crazy kids that was trying to make the dog bark but the noise and cries was getting louder and louder, we jumped out of our chairs and ran towards the front door, pattie was trying to see what was going on and I was grabbing my keys , unlocking the door, ran out and grab the first thing I saw, an UMBRELLA ! ( at this stage pattie was looking everywhere for a stick....somewhere along the way she got lost in the house! )

I then ran out of the gate and saw a motorbike on the ground , (about 60 meters away) and another bike next to it. I gave a shout ( thought they were muggers ) trying to scare them away, they turned , saw me ( and my unbrella!) and rode off high speed! I then ran towards the downed bike and was looking for the victim but there was none to be found , so walked back to the house and near the gate I saw a helmet and heard someone grunting in the drain. DAMN!!! the man, (who we thought they mug) was there! 4 feet down the drain lying there with blood coming from his mouth. I ran back to the house, ( pattie was coming out) and told her to get her husband, telling her , about the man , while i called the police and ambulance.

We got out and my bro inlaw wanted to get the man out from there but he was too heavy for him and we need another man to help him , so pattie and I went house to house calling for help, ringing bells , banging on doors but damnmit! NOONE came out to help! We went over 6 houses and not one freaking coward came out to help.!!

We had to wait for the police and by the time they reach our house , ( 15 mins later and ambulance 30 mins later) the man was very DEAD!

Then loads of policeman came and looked for clues ( yeah right!! they were smoking and throwing ciggies everywhere! ) They didnt find any, i guess they never were a fan of the CSI.

Then it was the long haul of policeman asking pattie and I questions and so on. We couldnt see much as it was dark and the only thing we knew and thought was that the victim was mugged.
The hoohaa lasted till 7am when they took the body away and carted his bike.

This morning the senior criminal investigator officer came to take our statement and told us that it wasnt any mugging. It was murder as his possesion was with him and we were lucky that we didnt try to lift him up from the drain as his arm was severed and was hanging by the limp, his head and leg was gashed and the most grusome was that his stomach was slashed and his intestine was already coming out from it!

Now thinking back I was damn lucky they rode off, or i would be deadmeat. They with machete and me with an umbrella!

here are some pics i took of the crime scene with my handphone.

the first patrol car that arrived.

a few more to condone the area.

Ambulance came in much later.

This is where the man fell. the policeman are looking into the drain at the body. Thats the front wall of pattie's house.

Thats the drain in front of the plain clothes policeman.

Now it gives us the creeps to know that there is someone who can kill a man out there, free.
And I thank my lucky stars that I came home much earlier than usual, and if i was later by 10 to 15 mins later, I would be witnessing everything in front of me.

And there you go. Thank God, I'm not in Malaysia. Cause I think I will be back around that time. And ya. Its so scary just thinking about it. IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE. THE DRAIN!!
My sister's all were still sleeping when all this were happening. Only MC woke up. And of cuz, he too small to help my dad?



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