Sunday, November 9, 2008

London 2


So ya, So happy! Me sushi and me! And we kinda did something really, er. Something la. Can't think of the word now. Hehe. Well, ok. We were eating sushi. And then the couple next ta us left. And we did that thing that it happened to me and zhang accidently. But of course, this was delibrately. Lolx. Ok. Their plates were piled up next to us. And so. 

Michelle took two plates of ours and put it there. Then I was like. Oy. Why did you do that for! Take back the plates and put this two la. You go put the cheap cheap one for what. Haha. So. We looked around. And she quickly took back the plates. Then the whole time we were trying to put the other more expensive plates. And we look super suspicious. Haha. In the end. We had our chance. I was like faster!! Then she quickly place the plates with the rest. And at the same time, I looked up. I turned to Chelle, "Er Michelle, there's a camera there". Then she looked. It was right in front of us lo. GG. Die la. Lolx. Then we were like. Ok, they won't actually look at the cctv 24/7. So. OK. We're safe. Ya. OK. Faster eat and lets go! 

We actually "save" around £7. And we had more like 12 plates. The bill was £27 already. Just two of us. Lolx. So ya. We "save" money de. Lolx.

Anyway, after our lovely sushi, we went off back home. Cause I was super tired from the night before. And fell asleep till 10 something. 

Next on the agenda was, ROADHOUSE!!! PETE!! THE BLOODY CUTE, HOT PETE!! So the exciting. Lolx. So ya. Went to go see pete pete. Haha. The queue was bloody long, but luckily it was moving a lil faster than the last time we went. Bugger. While queueing, this chinese dude puked next ta us. In front of us, a guy peed. And then later on. His friend peed as well. Bugger dirty people. Ish. So the gross. 

Well, anyway, we got in. At last! And pete's bar was near the entrance. All you have to do is look left. And the awesomeness was there. He looks even hotter now. Don't know why. We put our jackets and off for Pete! Lolx.

Oh wait. We went to the toilet first. I was heading to Pete de wan. Then Chelle pulled me and say go toilet. I was like. Huh. Ok. Lolx. After toilet. PETE!

We went to his bar. And and then. He saw us. He just wave a lil. Then after that. He turned to us again. He recognized us and just laugh. Omg. His smile is sho cute!!!

So yea. Practically the whole night we were buying drinks from him. And then it was sorta our last drinks. And then Pete was like, "Thank You Darlings". Whahahhaha. Annette. Jealous not!!! He called us darling liao! Hahaha. He no call you darling. And he look so drop dead goregous when he said that. 

So ya. Drank a lot. But didn't get drunk cause danced a lot. Anyway, we talked to a couple of nice swedish boys. Like the only young bunch of guys there. And hey. They are young. Younger than me!!! -.-

Oh well. Cute enough la. Haha.

Anyway, came home around 3 something. Only slept around 5. And now. Off to Bicester Village! Yay! More shopping! But of cause, I don't think I'll be shopping already. No money liao!


K la. Wanna go de. Will be continued when I get home. >.<

P.S. And Ming, I only didn't blog one day. You buat bising apa! I everyday blog. Just one day! ONE DAY!!! And then you bising. -.-

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