Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Missing Everyone

So happy!!!

Listening to now. Lolx. ONline. Haha.

ANd then so ngam. My song!!!

*shake shake shake shake*

Shake it!!!!

I miss ESP now. *sob*

I feel like I'm back in Malaysia now listening to Hitz. Lolx.

Then yesterday. Chatted with Julia and Est on Skype. Lolx. So fun! Miss you guys. Gawd. I wanna go home de.


I wanna see everyone. Someone buy air ticket for me!! I want to come back for Christmas.

Ok. Ok. I have to stop thinking about it before I start crying.

Oh. Oh. Today in lecture. It was on play of words and stuff. And then. There was something on fat can be said as pleasantly chubby or CHUNKY! Then I burst out laughing. Haha.

See is chunky.



Don't go killing Susu or Pika just caused I said this or something. Haha. But seriously. Haha.

Then. Then. Hahahahhaha. I though I saw a Don!!! Hahahha. And sorry don. It turns out it was a girl. Bwahahahahahaha. K. K.

I better stop.

Gawd. I miss you all.

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