Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Manda Jr?

Bugger. Got woken up by someone banging on the door. I was like wth. *checks phone* It's freaking 8am. Who the heck is it at the door banging it down. I wanted to get up to open. But my housemate who wakes up extra early. Went and got the door.

"There's a package for a Miss Amanda"
"Oh. She's sleeping right now. I'll take it for her"
"Thank you! Good Day!"

*door slams shut*

Me. o.O

Package for me~ Weeeee~

Sho. I got up. Despite it being freaking early in the morning. Waited for my housemate to get in the room. And out I went to grab me package. Weeeeee~

So ya, went back in my room and opened it. And look! Ish a panda! Absolute cuteness. Tho the face is a bit hmmm...not so cute de.

I think it's cause of the nose. A bit too long and big. ok. What's so cute about it is because it's a 3 in 1 thing. whazzat you say. ok. look look.

It can be a plushie! *hug* *hug*. Soft. Soft.

And it can be a pillow too when unbuckle it. Soft. Soft.

Ok. It did not just shitted or something ok. But there's a soft blankie in it!!!! So nice and soft soft! Its detachable too! But when you take out the blankie. Panda go flat.

And the panda's name is Ping. Who the heck name a panda Ping. I mean. Name it Amanda also not so bad la. Then it's lovable. Whahaha.

So yes. My pressie! ANd it came with lollipops!!!!!!! More lolly!!! Weeee~

I suddenly feel like a small kid lo. -.-

Thank you Chucky for the panda and the lollies. It really made my day with all this rubbish assignments. Waaaah!

Thank you!


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