Sunday, November 2, 2008


I'm sitting here. In front of my pc. *obviously, there's no where I else I would be*

Waiting for news about ESP. All I know now is EMO is against WOW now. And that EMO just beat them in SND. And leading in dom now.

Argh. This is driving me crazy. I want to be there to support and all. But I obviously can't. -.-

Bloody obvious. argh!!!

AXE, please do kill those rnf. Make sure they don't get anything at all.

Ya. Like you guys will read this now. But it somehow makes me feel better. Lolx.

I'm so sleepy. But I can't sleep. Cause I'm too anxious to know whats gonna happen. Seriously.

I'm so damn tired. Damn, damn, tired. My eyes gonna pop out anytime. Anytime now.

ESP WIN!!!!!


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