Wednesday, November 26, 2008

iPhone 3G!!

I want the IPHONE!!!!!!!!! Omgness!!!!!!!!

Its sho sexy. Waaaaaa! Its £400!!!!! For the 16gb. I want!!! Come. People. For my birthday pressie. K? k? I mean. Everyone chip in 20 to 50 bucks. Can de wan. Remaining I pay. Yes la!

Mummmmmmmyyyyyyy~ Come. Be nice mother! Give me £100 also I happy de! Yes! For my birthday pressie. You never got me anything for my 21st birthday! Yes! Ok! Whahaha.

I waaaaaaan!

Ok. Mission! Find rich boyfriend. Old man also can. Better if he gonna die de. *mingming teach wan oh. and wenwen also* Yesh! Then I got phone. Ok. Dream la.



I wanz it!

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