Sunday, November 9, 2008


Yes. I'm in London yet again. Was supposed to be here for this London Lord Mayor show. It's a parade thingy. We got there, but we head off for shopping! Lolx. So we didn't watch the show at all. Haha. There were like people already waiting there. With their flags waving and program book in hand. It was all very... patriotic-ish? Lolx.

Anyway, me with no sleep at all. I only had two hours of sleep. Cause, the day before, more like the night before, went for this International Student Welcome Party thing. Which actually suck. But I went just to get back my deposit. Lolx. And so, we went back and Adeline asked us to go ta drinking. I was like. Ok. So ya. Off we went to her house for her to change and then off we go. I met her friends. There was this girl, Ju, she reminds me of you lo ming. The way she talk. And her size ish like you too. Lolx. She's malaysian as well.

So anyway, Me, Melinda, Adeline, Ju and Wen Xi walked ta this place called Exchange. Which, was a total dissapointment. Cause well, first had ta pay £2 for entry. Nevermind. Then, went in, the place smells of sweat, and it was stuffy even though there was like no one. And er, there was this really um, fat chica, she wear like so very the revealing. Which almost made me er. Ya. Anyway, the drinks were cheap. Had shots. And it costs £1 each. So it was ok. But we quickly finished our drinks and head ta this Gay/Les bar called Kink. A much nicer place. Had a lil fun. Drank a lil more. This time I just took Baileys. Yum. And most of Adeline friends arrived.

So ya. That was my yesternight. And I arrived home around 3 to 4. By the time I finally went to bed. It was like what 5 to 6 am de. And had to wake up at 7 something. Diededness. Lolx.

So anyway, I'm so proud of myself, we found the tube, and and, I was the one who kinda showed the direction and stuff. I actually know how to use the damn complicated thing which I thought it was so damn confusing. Cause there's so many different lines. We went to Harrods. Saw my Burberry bag. So nice. *sob* Don't like their purses tho. It was so bulky. I mean, before you can actually put anything in, its already so the big. So so, I saw this oh so nice LV purse. *sob* So so nice too! Lolx. I made a decision then to quickly get a job and buy all of it! Yes la. If I can get my lazy ass to work.

Haha. Anyway, it was me, Elaine, Mei Ting and then Tian Hao *however you spell his name, is just this really bloody rich China guy going after Mei Ting*. SUPER RICH! Okok. That will be for another day. Anyway, we went to look for food. And I found Krispy Kreme!!!! *squeled for joy!* Lolx. So ya, went to have some. Wanted more. But, aiya. Lolx. Fattening. So so, we went to look for more food. And and I found SUSHi!!!! Yay!!! So me and Elaine had sushi and Mei Ting and her "bf" went to have Shanghai food.

The sushi there sucked. It wasn't that good and I was totally dissapointed. Yes. But oh well. Salmon! After lunch, we went to Oxford Street. Before that, we went in to Zara. I bought a top!! *shhh* >.<

And and, I'm so proud of myself again, hehe, they needed to use a toilet and we could't find one. So I thought, Michelle's house is nearby. We shall head there. So called her, we were supposed to meet up anyway, and went to her house. And I remembered the way! She actually sent me a message on how to get to her place. But I was already nearby de. Lolx. I remember! See. I told you my sense of direction is like totally awesomo! >.< Hahha.

Well, ya. After that, Went to look for MNG. No idea why can't find it. Babi Michelle forgotten where it was. -.- yes.

So, Elaine, Mei Ting and Tian Hao, went off back. And we continued looking for MNG. Which we still can't look for it. *sigh* But anyway, we went off for dinner. SUSHI again!!

Yay!!! And this time! I was happy!

K K I have to go de. Will continue later!!


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