Thursday, November 20, 2008

Work Work

Am taking a break from my workload. Supposed to write a report on sensationalism news. And have to write 4k words. I only managed so far is 1.5k now. Deadline is this Friday. I'm awesome. Actually, I can write a minimum of 2k words. But I still have loads of points to put in. So headachey. Argh. And I actually have another report to hand in next tuesday. Happy last minute me!

See! See! I actually borrowed this amount of books. And I carried em all the way home ok! Ok. Two of em which are on top of the pile, I borrowed earlier. But I had to carry 6 books home ok. And see the last two. So bloody heavy! Damn thick some more those books. Argh. And I bought groceries on that day too. *sob*

And I found out. 4 of those books are no use to me. -.- Waste my time carrying it home. I read abit of it first de. But when I got home and really read them. Can throw away. Lolx.

o.O I'm superwoman! Lolx.

Halfway doing my work. See see. Oh. I didnt purposely put a pen there to show I'm hardworking. Lolx.

No place on my table to put my books. So. Its all over the floor. It was actually much messier. But had to pile them or not I got no space to walk de.

More papers. No space.

Me file. And ya. No space on table.

Now I know why. Hehe. But still. My table so small. My room so small. Argh! Oh ya. I needed a mouspad. And I was using papers in the beginning. Then me and my friend were walking aroung Uni. And I found that! Ok. More like. I bought it for one pound. I needed it. So ya. Lolx.

I should not talk about my work. I'm supposed to be on a short break now. Relax~ Ya. Mmhmm. Ok. I'm feeling stressed. Class at 9am. And its 1am. Can can. I slept earlier. A bit. So I can stay up awhile more and try to write another 1k worth of words. Mmhmm. I can do it. Yes.

I'm sleepy.

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