Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jac!

Here ya go Jac. A lil post for you! Well. Since I finished my assignments and such. And I didn't get to call you and wish you. And it's still the 26th here! So. Here ya go!

Let's see. You're one of my longest friend ever. Ever since standard 1. Omg! I wish I had pictures of you. And you got a picture of me in that er. Saree? Lolx.

I remember your two pigtails and your cute chubbyness! Hahahhah.

But we didn't stay friends for long, only till when we were in form 4!

It was more of like hi and bye between that period.

And then form 4! Haha! So damn funny. You were in a class which were ¾ full of indians. *wink *wink

And you will put your head in between the doors

SAVE MEEEEE!” * tears rolling down *


Oh gawd. Ahahahahahha. In the end. You got to be in the same class as us. Ahhahahahha.

And in form 5. Always kena bully by that wen of ours. Aish. So the funny.

Then after high school. Me you and est decided to go to the same college. Still forgotten why did we do that. Lolx.

Every night we will go out. Me, you and wen. And in a way, it was always me and you in the same car cause well, we're the only smart ones to stay in pj. Hahaha.

I remember we used to go to Arab every night to shisha. Just two of us. Every night till we got sick of it. Haha. I can't believe that. Lolx.

And the clubbing! It was always me, you and wen who were always drinking. But always end me and you only.

And your 18th birthday. You got so drunk. You laughed the entire night and then fell asleep in your puke. Omg. I still have the pictures!!! Haha. Too bad the video is long gone. Sheesh. Should have killed that mothaf***ker who stole my phone.

Which reminds me. Hahahahha. When we got robbed. You wanted to throw your slipper at them and I wanted to throw the chair but you bugger blocking the way. Hahahaha.

Anyway. Pictures! Was looking everywhere for your birthday one. Lolx.



I just love this picture. Don't you!? I forgot who took it. Lolx.

Langkawi trip! Remember the high moments of ours? Lolx.

I miss those days

The toilet. Ya. Omg. Lolx.

Club! CLub!

And. I think this is my car hor. As usual. We squeeze up in my car.

More club!
I miss us. *sob*

Yar! The birthday pics! Hahahaha. I still don't know why you buried your face in em. wen's. em. hmmmm...

I wish I still have the video. Gawd!

Oh. Before you got pissed drunk.

I don't think you were drunk at this time right? lolx.

And the gifts we always get you are all *naughty* gifts. Well, you're the horny devil in our group. Lolx.

Oh oh. This was on my birthday. The first one where we celebrated in Eastin. Yes. Hahahahha.

Yes. Jac. We love you. You're the lil one in our group. But not so lil after all.

Stop getting skinny lar! Your wrist is like smaller than mine de k. You're just nice the way you are. We will still love you. I will still love you even if adrian doesn't. Lolx.

Happy 21st Birthday



Love you Jac!


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