Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Anywayz!We went to eat at this chinese shop called Restoran Gasing
Its kinda like in between Assunta and La Salle like that
Continuing the story...
While were waiting for our food
Aaron's friend , Mark said to Aaron
"Eh , This is a chinese shop but why got so many indians ah?"

Lol he was right you know
Cause around us were all indians!
We were in the only chinese there
Somemore behind me there was this group of people singing and banging the table to make music....

When Mark told Aaron that my Mom told us about Amanda when she was young like around 2-3 years old

My Mom toke her to this Indian Restaurant
When they entered the Restaurant

Amanda : Dark dark one! Dark dark one!
Mom : *Looks up at the ceiling and all* Dark meh? Where got dark? So bright
Amanda : Dark dark! Dark dark one!

Lol she was practically referring to the indians there XD
Then got another time when my mom took her to the park
She was running after this crow

Mom : Eh! Dont chase after the bird! Its very dirty , It eats dirty things and all
Amanda : Mommy! Take it home and wash it!

Haha she thought that if its washed it can be clean and all white seeing as crows are black in colour

Ya. I took this from my sister's blog. Kellyann. The young cute me. >.<

Sho adovable!


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