Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm just gonna reply the chatbox thingy here. Cause by the time I reply. You won't be able to read what you said earlier on.

Mummy - You think easy ah!! Lolx. Maybe because I can't attract the China guys. Or any guys I think. Lolx. Aiya. I lazy la! What kind of mother are you! Haha.

Ming - yes. I miss you that much. Haha. I just took a nap la! I'm already working on it. Hehe.

Kimmy - Ya I know! Stupid girl!

Annette - Omg Annette! You spammer!!! Haha. So you shouldn't go to Manc Uni. Come here! Hahaha! Or just go study with Michelle. Then you're so much closer to Pete. And be jealous!!!! WHahahaha. And you have to spend us sushi for the dissapoinment of Bicester Village. Lolx. And don't lie. I know you jealous! Lolx.

Chelle - I know your secret too chelle! Lolx.

Mildred - Haha. Now you know why I'm like that hor. Its my mum!!! Haha.

Mei - Do about gaming. How am I suppose to do on a project on it? And also kinda have to relate to what I'm studying backside. I think. Or not. Lolx. Actually. No need. But how. from what kind of view of it. Lolx. And also. Boys. You want me to kill you ah!

And now. I think I'm gonna continue "working" on my assignment. *cries*

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