Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Why no one wanna take me go yum cha. Damn sad now. Damn hungry now. Why? Why? Why?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Damn lazy to cook. *sigh* I want instant mac and cheese. Hehe. Hungry sia. *sigh. Should I just drive out? Oh..speaking of driving...I drove the crv that day! Haha. I told my dad. How am I suppose to go out with no car. Amelyn took the car de. Then..Haha..I got the car! So the happy. Hehe. The next day, Amelyn took the car again. Then I took the crv again! My dad was so not happy about it. I said, I no need to eat is it. So..whahaha. Got the car again. I shall use that tactic more ofter. Make sure Amelyn go fetch Raymond. Hehe.

Hungry. I need to eat. So hungry. Lazy to cook. Should I just go..but who gonna follow me? Confirm mei sleeping de. Est can't come out de. Julia I think sleeping de. It's 2 am now. Wah! No one to go out with. HOw? How? Should have just force my mum to go mcd's. Ish.

I guess I shall find people to go out now. Hehe.

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