Sunday, September 9, 2007

. . .

Don't make so much noise la mingming! Ish. At least I updated right! Hehe. And now, I'm feeling hungry...
Just got back from ac. Played dota with kimmy, ric and synide. *sigh* Now so sien. Wanted to go eat after playing. But Ric like so freaking sleepy de. So what the heck. Wanted to call other peeps to yum cha. But then kimmy tired. So..what the heck la. I should just go to bed to run from this hunger. I don't know the right word to use. But oh well.
Lee Tung going back to UK tomorrow de. Ok..I wanted to say something about it. But then Mei msgd me, then I got distracted. So now I don't know what I wanted to say de. Whatevv la.
I wanna write an emo post. Haha. But I too lazy to do that. I shall go to bed.

Julia! Send me pictures of yesterday! Of Mardi Gras and in my car. And at ck's house. K? K? I'll be waiting for it.....
Ok..time for my blog hopping time. And bed! I've not been having much sleep these days. *hoppity hop*

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