Saturday, September 1, 2007


I'm sitting here. On a Saturday evening. Not sure what to do. And the thing is...I don't have my car! Amelyn took it! Going for Cae Me's birthday dinner at Curve. Damnit. So sien. I now have a good reason of taking the crv out. Whaha. But I think my dad still won't let. Ish. Or not how the heck can I go out!!!! Ya, ya. I will do that don't care. HAha!

Anyway, let me continue the story of Josiah wanting to be a Hiew. We were having dinner at home, I forgotten which day de. But ya. It was me, my dad, grandpa, Joel and Kimmy at the table. Josiah came up to Kimmy and told her.
"Kimmy, I have good news and bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first?"
Kimmy just look at Josiah like what the heck. "OK, gimme the good news first"
Josiah started jumping around "OK, the good news is...I love you as a sister!!!"
My face was like.. -,-' *swtness man. Haha. Then Kimmy asked, "And what's the bad news?"
"The bad news is...I HATE you as a cousin."
All of us were like..what the fuck..Haha. What was he trying to imply. Then I thought about it and told my dad. "Dee, He's showing signs to you that he wants you to adopt him." Then all of us just laughed. And you know what Josiah say to me after I said that? He came to me and like pat my shoulder and said "Che, I'm working on it" Nodding his head with determination.

Fucking funny wei. Haha. That same night, He wrote a letter to my dad. Kimmy said he folded like damn small, then he drew a stamp and wrote "To Uncle Kevin". Kimmy was like, what's in the letter. He gave Kimmy to read. HAhahahhaa. He wrote,

To Uncle Kevin,

If you want to adopt me please sign here __________________.

From Josiah.

Hahahaha. Dungu cousin of mine.

The other day, Kimmy was studying. He jumped around the room then he told Kimmy. "I'm in your family already you know." Kimmy gave the *raise eyebrows* look. "My daddy say ok already meh." Then he was like "Ya, I asked him already, you don't believe me you go ask your daddy. He's in the room." So Kimmy said, "Ok, you follow me and we ask together if my daddy say ok already."
So, both of them walked to my parents room to ask my dad. Then he stopped walking. Kimmy asked why. Then he gave this damn shy look and he started like touching his head and bend down and said "Don't want la. I don't want to ask." Kimmy just laughed at him.

He asked my dad if he signed the letter to adopt him. When my dad said no. He was like damn disappointed. I feel sad for him. But oh well. Hopefully he won't take this so serious. Hopefully.

Back to my own sadness...Where to go to tonight!!!!!! I tade plans!!! Sadness*. Another sad thing. I don't have car...Wah! Sad..sad..Where's my dad!!@#!$%!@ Don't know where he went to with the car. ISh. I guess I shall go shower first then and wait for him to get back. Ya. Ok.

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