Thursday, September 20, 2007


Such a tiring day. I only slept like so lil. Promised Yee Hui that I'll look for her at ac for lunch. She woke me up. Luckily she called. Or I won't be able to get up de. Had lunch with her. As usual, I only eat chicken rice there. Hehe. After lunch, went back to the car. Supposingly fetch Hui to college. But then Jer messaged. Said he was in ac. So, Hui had to walk to college. Sorry ya! Then met up with Jer and his friends. Chun Kiat was there too.
Got a call from my dad. Said he was going back to his office. I wanted to drive the crv. Said I had to fetch 5 friends so my car can't fit. Bla bla bla. Hehe. So, had to drive to his office. Which was near Summit. After exchanging cars. Went back to ac to play dota with Jer and his friends.
T.T *sob*
I sucked so badly! *sob* Ya well...*sigh*

After that, went home. Bathed. Hui followed me home. Then went saloon to wash and blow. First time after so long, my hair was actually quite straight. And it didn't curl out till now! >.< Julia thought I cut my hair.

Went to pick Mei up. Totally forgot that around 5 something stupid Kerinchi Link will be fucking jam at that time. Towards mv. AIsh. Jam there for like more than a half an hour.
Reached Royal Selangor Club at like 8:30!!!!! Freaking one hour late! Julia la. Ask us to bring cd. Then Mei burn 2 cd's. Took so much time.

Dinner was fun. Yen May kept taking pictures!!! Freaking cam whore man that girl. After her camera batt died. I thought, at last! Yen May stopped taking pics de. But then, she whipped out her freaking phone!!! The cam whoring started again.... *swtness.

After dinner. Dropped Yee Hui home. Picked Julia, Mei Yee and Yen May from Julia's house. Went to ym's house to grab clothes and house keys. Went back to oug cause stupid Mei forgot to bring her IC!!! Wth right! Ya.
Went to meet Jon Wei, CK and Adrian at Poppy. Freaking dead place. We're like the only ones there. Aish. What to do. It's a Wednesday Jon!

(Getting lazy to blog de. Wanna sleep. Class at 10am!!!! And it's freaking 5:10am now!)

Fetched Julia, Mei Yee and Yen May home. Picked Damien up to makan. Went Kayu makan. Dropped him home. And last, dropped Mei home. *freaking driver*

Long last....I'm home. Now blogging my eyes off. Freaking tired. I don't even know why I wanted to blog in the first place. Wanted to blog about something else. About the wedding dinner. But too lazy de. Leave that to Mei la. Aish. Can't stand it de.


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