Friday, March 23, 2007

Wanted to change the blogskin. But got fed up when i couldn't find anything that i liked. So, i'll just stick with this one.
Omg! I now know why i don't stay at home. Cause i eat when i'm bored! Wah! Hehehe. Couldn't stop eating. First, i ate maggie mee, then later on i was looking around, then i remember that there was pizza! Those frozen pizza. So i asked my maid to heat up for me. After finishing one whole pizza. I got up to look for more. I found cornflakes! HEhe, those sugar coated ones. hehe. after i was done with that, i found chocolates! And then later..i found Koko Crunch! And then it went on to the ferrero rocher that he gave me. And then finally, i realize i was eating too much! Cause i found waffles in the freezer. i wanted to heat one up and spread chocolate with peanut butter on it. YUm!
WAAAAAAAAAAh. Can't stay at home. i feel fat already. Aiks! Oh no's! I'm fat! Waaaaaah! Hehe. ok..i just have to tahan for like another 2 more hours and then i'm getting out of the house. Yes. Must not give in!
See how bored i am when i'm at home. i can even blog this rubbish! hehe. Oh what the heck la. I'm craving for ice cream now. Gonna go look for some now..

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