Monday, January 22, 2007

My birthday!!!

Woohoo! Happy Birthday To Me~!! Lolx. I had such a great time on Sat. I was so super know why? Hehe. room was upgraded to the more expensive suite just because I wanted the room at the smoking floor. For very obvious reasons..lolx. Anyway, ya. So they upgraded my room to the highest floor and I just pay the normal rate. Whahahahaha. The room is freaking big, was big! Bigger than the one we went for Derek's birthday. And not only that it was big...we were the only ones on that floor! We can make freaking lot of noise!!!Woohoo~!

Anyway, ya. Amelyn's friends got there first and Ryan too. I checked in then we head up to our room. The bed so comfy! But in the end. I slept on the freaking floor! *Wasnt so bad tho* Tee-hee. Waited for everyone to come so we can sorta start. by the time mei came, Amelyn's friends gotta go. Esther and Steph came. Rafe, Shina, Ric and Ling were the third ones to arrive. Hmm..then not sure who else in order, but i think it was Json then Raymond then only Chris, Mei and Liz. Then also Judah, Oh wait, and also Jenifer and Tet. Somewhere in between. Ya. Then all of us just wait for Zhang and the rest to come. While waiting, that dn5 bunch were playing cards and the rest of us stoning. Then later on..Yee Hui and Wai Ming came too, after Zhang and the rest.

After awhile, Mei went down to get Zhang, Kelvin, Fuzzy, Stan, Rob and Max. I actually wanted to follow cause didnt want her to go alone. but thought otherwise. Anyway, luckily didn't follow cause you know what the fuck happened!?!?!?! Lolx. Well, when Mei came back...They were all standing at the door calling me to go to the door. I was like Wtf!?! What for wei...i was like damn scared they wanted to do something to me. In the end i just went.
Then Stan was like, Amanda...this is my birthday present to you and from mei too. And guess what was my pressie!?!?!?!??! Zhang flew out of nowhere, wearing nothing but boxers with the words "Hot Stuff" on it. Two ribbons were stuck to his nipples...lolx! And a bigger one strap around his chest. Lolx!!! I was sooooooooo fucking shock!!!! Stan was like...your very own stripper and slave for the night. Hahahahahaha. Zhang came up to me, pulled a tie from his boxers (damn gross lo..i didnt thought of that at that time cause i was so freaking shocked!) and put it around my neck pulling me. It was so freaking funny!!! All of them were like..pull the ribbon from his nipples! And i did! Lolx!!!!! Damn funny! I guess it was freaking painful for him. Then someone said to pull down his boxers. Tried but failed. lolx.
Well, a lot of pictures and videos were taken. And for the rest of the night till dawn. He was my slave! Lolx. Damn fun. Hahaha. Whenever i needed something i just had to yell for him and he comes. Hehe. Super fun! Lolx.

The drinking began. OMg! Everyone was drunk. I brought like more than 8 bottles of drinks and there were beers too. Stan and the rest bought a bottle for me. Tequila! LOlx. And Fuzzy brought Jell-O-Shots as a birthday pressie! Well..everything was gone! Left back some beer and 2 bottles not touched. And the best part of all was...I wasn't gone!!!!!!!!! I didnt puke!!!!!! Whahahaha. Lolx. Everyone else puked...Woohoo~! That part was fun. hehe.

We played the drinking card game when we went to Penang at the party. It was so freaking funny. Someone made the rule to not say the word "drink" but "consume". And then Ling the smart one..had to make the rule that everything must end with the letter "s". So the whole time we were talking like, "Yous musts consumes thes drinks". Then Fuzzy was like "Ha's Ha's Ha's" ....lolx..he was laughing!!!

At was only at 7am when everyone was leaving. Didn't really get much sleep cause i was on the floor. Well..i was half comfy and half not. so ya..lolx.

Well..overall, we had a great time..well.. I had a great time. One of the best. Thanks for making it happen you guys!! Thanks to all who came!! Luffles You all! *Muaks*

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