Thursday, September 25, 2008

UK. First day?

Argh. SO damn pissed off. Cant get my internet line yet!!! argh. anyway. was really bored. here's pictures of me room! freaking small! *sob*

My messy room when I just came in. Just threw everythig everywhere. >.<

Small right my room? *sob*

You see that door. Ya. That blardy door. Is the freaking boiler/heater thingy. Whatever that is. Its there. *sob* Damn scary ok. I have to face it everytime I sleep.

OOOoooo. Moneyh! >.< The view of the "garden" and the neighbours "garden". It's my window view. There's this really cute dog next door.

My house?

Front door step?

Random Kitty.

Hehe. Stuck this on my room door. Cute eh! >.<
My room. SO neat de huh.

I don't believe it myself. Oh. I buy water. There's no kettle to boil and also the pots look scary. SO ya. I buy water. Damn.

Cleaned my room. Took me like freaking 3 hours to vacumm, wipe and unpack. And also to put sheets on bed and stuff. +_+

Surprised? Me too. lolx

I didn't know why were there shelves there. I asked the landlord. He just stared at me blankly. I'm like. OK. If he doesn't know. I don't know why he put it there in the first place. Weird. SO ya. The mirror wasn't up when I came. He asked me where would I like it to be. SO ya. There it is. >.<
My shoe shelf. Lolx. I sooooo want to buy more boots. Freaking cheap. *if you don't convert* But those boots me mummy buy for me from China. Lol

Second Shelf. Supposedly for my books. But havent start yet. So now it's my. er. Ya? Lollipop from Goat and Mildred. Hershey from Stan/eRo!. HelloPanda from Chucky, *chucky's chucky?*, Susu, and Eric. The pink one is from MC. There's messages on it too. All over the box. Thanks guys!!!

My "dresser". Ya.

Look how small the freaking cupboard is!!!! How I fit all my clothes its a wonder man. I think by the end of the month. My clothes will be all over de.

And if you see closely. My hangers are black and white. Lolx. I just found it like that. Provided by ze landlord. Ya. Black and white. Hmmmm. *doink*
OK. My room isnt that neat now. That was the first day. The second day was fine too. But then. Ya. It can't keep up this kinda stuff. Lolx. Alright. When I'm able to. I'll load more pics! And blog more.
The past few days. Sorta tiring. Two nights ago. Had a beer with one of my housemate. In a way. Thank God she's a butch. Lolx. I get along with her better than the rest of my housemates.
My hands are permanently frozen. cold sia. But nice. >.<>


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