Monday, September 14, 2009

Door unlocked

Well. Am back from London already. Feeling soso so damn tired now. Don't know why. I have been feeling sleepy like damn early. I feel like sleeping around 9 or 10. So damn tired. ANd I wake up at 7 or 6 in the morning!!! And am tooo lazy to go out. Argh.

Oh oh. When I got back just now. I didn't know where I put my keys. I think I left it at Chelle's place. So I knocked the door like dont know how many times. And I saw that Mei Ting's room light was switched on. So I guessed the new housemate is here. And was thinking, how the heck can she not here me. F**ker!!! SOme more damn cold and my hands all aching from carrying my bags. Ugh. And I don't know why. I just had a feeling. I tried to open the door. And hey! THEY DIDN'T LOCK THE DOOR! But lucky me! Hahaha.

And I had to use the scissors to open my door. I'm no thief. But i don't know. I just tried it the last time I got locked out of my room. Oh. I guess I learned it from my boyfriend. Lolx!

Oh. I did leave my keys at Chelle's place. Oh well. Have to ask Gabriella to open the door for me and stuff. Leave early tomorrow. And get home early. Sooooo many things to do tomorrow.

Send stuff. Hand in my work again. Ish. So many shit. So lazy. Hehe.

Okla. Better go sleep. SO damn tired de. Night~

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