Thursday, September 10, 2009


Today, will be going to Chelle's place till Sunday. I need to cheer myself up from this emoness. I can't stand being alone la. I WANT TO GO BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ish! Who would be so kind to fly me back?! >.<
Annette will be coming too!!! Weeee~ And we'll have our lil tripod again. Sho happy! We planned for a lunch on Friday on a boat! It will cruise along I don't know where while we have lunch! And then on Saturday night, we'll be going to have an early celebration for Annie's birthday, having dinner at Apsleys. Or something like that. Its quite a fancy place. So we need to dress up. And bugger. I got nothing to dress up for la! So ya. Maybe go shop a lil and find a dress! Gyahahaha. Happy me! After our lil dinner. We'll be off to Roadhouse as usual. Of cus for the drinks! And definitely, PETE!!!! Lolx.

Talking about all this is cheering me up already. I'm feeling a lil happier now. Oh. And I'm going to cut my hair today! I've been hating my hair ever since freaking long. I feel like chopping it all off. But I wont. Lolx. Oh well. We'll see. I MIGHT decide to chop it all off. Of cus mother would be happy. But not my boyfriend. Hehe. So anyway, I'M HAPPY for now~

Be happy!

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