Thursday, October 8, 2009


Second day of work. Don't know why. Out of nowhere. Freaking loads of people came in. It was ALMOST full. Can die man. I pity the kitchen man. Freaking load of food to cook and prepare and stuff. Crazy! Ah Munn also look like she gonna kill people de. Lolx. My feet is killing me now. Freaking painful. Gonna ask boyfriend to massage for me. Hahahahahha!

Went out in the afternoon with the muzzer. Bought shoes for work. And ate noodles at this place which I have forgotten the name de. It was in OU opposite Kluang Station. Bought jeans too. For work too. I wanted 2! But was running out of time so ya. Muzzer went to fetch Aaron from school and me and Stan went back home to change and off to work.

We had to clean Vintry's second floor. That's what we have to do every evening at 4pm. And I hate going upstairs cause its so damn hot. Forever sweating. Ugh!! Hate it. Luckily got Stan. He can carry the heavier stuff. >.<

Broke a nail from opening a bottle of wine. Need to cut it all. Or not I'll have a major nail prob. Hahaha.

Eh Raymond. Yesterday YOU SAY YOU SUPPOSED TO CALL ME IF YOU WERE STILL OUT. SO I WAS WAITING FOR YOUR CALL LAAAAAAA! CB. You say wan. You gonna call me if you all still out. So I thought you never call cause you went home de. Plus I finish around 11 to 12 de. Babi.

Sigh. Super tired now. More work tomorrow.

Oh oh! Just had my Butter Cream Crab!!!! Whahahahahahah! Awesomeness! Need to buy bread! Feel like eating Honey Stars now. Lolx. Oh well. Ladida. To bed!

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