Saturday, October 3, 2009

Hungry la.

Went to eat at Zanmai today. Omg. It was me first time having Salmon Toro. YUMZ!! But I wish there was Fatty Tuna too. Damnit. Have to fine where they have it. Went with Mummy, Kendrick, Stan, Amelyn and MC. We ordered damn a lot! But the Yakisoba sucks there.

Ish thinking of that Salmon Toro now, omg I'm super hungry la. Cannot tahan de!!!!!! EEEeeeee.

I shall go now. Lalalala.

Tomorrow. Gonna have my favorite home cook dinner by muzzer (mother. thats how we call our mother. muzzer.) Mash Potatoes with Paprika Chicken. And there will be Lamb Shank too!!! Omg. I'm freaking drooling now. I need food. I have to eat something else first. Damnit. I am soo gonna have gastric now. Damnit.

Oh. The occasion for tomorrow is Lantern Festival. So we will have the whole family there plus the Boyfriends. Oh oh. You know my house already has like 5 cars not including my dad's Storm. Cause Uncle Sunny uses it for work. So it's not parked at our place. If it was. It would be 6 cars. Anyway. When all the Boyfriends are over. There's like freaking loads of cars in front of me house and the side too. Haha. 9 cars altogether. So we just wait for Kelly to get a boyfriend who drives. And that would be 10. Lalalala.

I'm just crapping now. So ya. Hungry. Shall disturb me boyfriend here now to take me go makan something at least. Fried Rice with TWO Fried Chicken! Yay!

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