Monday, October 5, 2009

Hate my nose

Was gonna read everyone's blogs. But felt lazy after awhile. Ugh. I've been having this cold/flu ever since I got back. My eyes are itchy. Nose runny. Morning phlegm. Ugh. The list goes on. Damnit. But despite all this shitty shits I'm experiencing, I don't regret one bit that I'm back here. I'm with my boyfriend, my family and my friends. I can't be any happier than this.

I have not met loads of other friends yet. But oh well. I'm back for good. So you will always have me when you need me. >,<

Gonna get Annette up from the airport tonight. Like in another 3 hours or so. Gonna surprise her boyfriend. Then she gonna spend me and Stan makan at Steven's Corner. Lolx.

Chelle. I miss you! Sorry I am not online to talk to you. Or not been keeping in touch. When I'm in Malaysia. I'm extra lazy. Hahaha. Especially in the morning. Or there's no such thing as morning to me. Only when I start work. So ya.

Oh oh. I'm going to work in Vintry this whole week. Cause Becky needs help. So I asked Stan to work with me as well. Lolx. We gonna take the money and eat Rakuzen for our anny. Lolx. Nice ma. Work together and then spend together. Lalalalala.

Oh well. Going to go kacau him now. See ya~

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