Thursday, August 12, 2010

4Minute! Sesame Street?

Hey all! Guess what?


I don't know either! Lolx! Anyhooo. I'm totally hooked on to this song!

4Minute - I My Me Mine.

I know. Weird title. Lolx. And Kendrick calls this song "Click Click"

Hahahhaha. Well. They should have called it that. Because the I My Me Mine part don't really sound like it. The Click Click part of cause. It's obvious. Lolx!

I love the starting part of the song. The whole music part. Rawr* Freaking orga-gasmic~
Don't you think so. And the whole dance. Drools* I'm going crazy now.

I my my me mine~

I like the dance part of the click click. Its so cute. I taught Kendrick to do it on his cheeks. Hahaha. So whenever they sing that part. He'll click his cheeks. Cute no? Lolx!


Tomorrow is Friday! Weeeeeeee~ Awesome! Going to Zouk tomorrow night. Stan's Viet friend, Minh Nhat, I think it's spelled that way. He called us to join him. So ya. Anyone wanna join us?

Gotta work this weekend again. Last weekend I gotta work. And now this weekend too! Sheesh*
But anyway. Sesame Street is coming to town! If you have any brother, sisters, cousins, niece or nephew. Bring them over to MPH Bookstores Mid Valley! Let me try to find the poster.

There's a colouring contest and you get to win the tickets to watch them Live in KL!

There ya go! As you can see. The colouring contest is for 8 years and below. So come and join aight? I think I'll be one of the judges. Not to sure yet. So we'll see! But do come and meet cookie monster and elmo!!! You know you want to! Lolx!

Alright. Am going off now~ Love ya'll!

xoxo, mandahiew here~

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