Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Other Encounters

As usual, I arrive at my office early cause I have to send Kelly to school. She needs to be there before 7:30am latest.

Well, got to my office around 7:20 something. Parked my car outside. I normally have my own parking spot inside. But I didn't want to park inside and sleep in the car. Cause there won't be any other cars. Only maybe one or two. So I parked in front of this building next to my office building. Didn't want my colleagues to see me sleeping in the car of cause. Hahaha.

I didn't want to go to office early too cause of some reasons.

So, as usual. I'll park at my usual spot. Lower down the volume of my car radio and sleep. I fell asleep instantly. Was super tired. Had a late night yesterday.

At around 7:50 - 8am. I was awaken by someone softly whispering in my ear.

"Amanda . . . . amanda . . . . amanda . . . "

I was like. WHAT THE FUCK?! I swear I could feel a breeze blowing at my ear when someone whispers in your ear. CB AH!!!

I opened my eye, turned my head and found out that I couldn't. I couldn't move at all. It was as if I was paralyzed. And again, as usual. It's like a freaking routine. I swear.
I start cursing. Then praying. Tried to reach for my steering wheel to pull myself out of this "thing". Prayed and prayed. I could see cars passing by. Heard a group of girls chatting and laughing, walking past by my car.

Then I felt that I was holding my mobile in my right hand. I thought to try to call someone. I don't know why. Not like I could talk too. But still couldn't move at all.

So. I did like what I always did. Pray and closed my eyes. After awhile. I could move. I got up straight away and saw the group of girls about few cars away. I leaned back against my seat again. Thinking if I should go to my office or not. Afraid if I went back to sleep, the same thing will happen again.

I was like. What the heck la. I still had time to sleep.

Hahahahahha. So I went back to sleep. Hahahahhaha.

Then I just woke up again when my alarm rang. And went to work.

And I thought back.

Oh. I guess the Hungry Ghost Festival is here already.

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