Friday, August 27, 2010


I have been neglecting my blog again. I would really update it almost everyday. If not cause of some shit. Oh well. I'm really thinking of some change in my life. Shall not say much here if there are some unwanted readers here. But I think I'm going to do it. I can't stand that shit who I have to see almost everyday. So yes. I'm going to make that change.

Stan is moving into the new house de! Well. Kinda move all the furniture de. I think I'm going to move in some of my stuff too! Mostly clothes and my own other stuff. Really excited. Plus I don't mind his house mates who are his friends.


Ok. I kinda typed that out er. 2 days ago? Anyway, been staying there now. The aircond is so effing cold man. Gonna get a new blankie. His is too thin de. Lolx.

Rawr! I'm so bored at home now. Been watching the new SNSD Genie in Japanese Version. Hot shit! Here's the video. Serious hot stuff. At first you won't get used to it cause its in Jap. But after a few listens. Its not bad actually. Its kinda cute~ Yoona is so effing hot in here. Can't see much of Yuri. Sigh*

And now. I'm into Taylor Swift tooo. Hahahha. I just heart her new video. "Mine" I don't know. It seems so sweet. Sigh*

Woohoo. I'm listening to the Genie. It's like. They are playing the two videos the same time. So it's like Jap and Korean at the same time. Lolx! Crazy shit. LALALALALA~

Happy watching~

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