Monday, January 17, 2011

14.01.2011, Friday~

Friday the 14th. Jan. 2011.

Was an effing crazy day! It was FA after FA. Oh FA means Final Artwork. Which basically, THE Final Artwork of the job. Which then we can close the job and get our monies! Lolx. And when there's FA, it has to go for proof checking which is mostly done by Yeen. And then it will have to go for changes after checking. And then later, print and burn cd. Or instead of burning cd, I have to send the file through email. or if it's effing big, I send it through So most of the time, it takes at least few hours before can be sent to our client.

AND HOMIGOSH! You know how many FA's I had that day! Plus of course I need to get Quotes from my boss too. Which I still haven't because so many things had to do on the day. Rawr!!
I had like 6 FA's!! Crazy shit. My studio manager, Foo was like, Amanda, you making us go crazy in the studio with all the FAs!!! Lolx.

So that was such a hectic day, not to mention I had to rush all the way to KL to send in two of the FA's which was burned into cd. I managed to get there on time. Lucky me! KL at 5pm. Not such a great time. And thankfully I got home early avoiding the jam and the freakin heavy rain.

Oh, and Pei Wen was back on that day too! But she couldn't see us cause she was gonna go Penang so had to wait like till Sunday. But I just realized we have not met up yet. Hahaha. Probably gonna get her to meet us tonight? Oh well.

So after the news that Pei Wen was back, was having dinner with Stan when I received an sms from Chelle! She was back too! But it wasn't for a holiday but cause her grandmother passed on.
So straight after dinner. Rushed all the way to OUG to see her and her grandmother. It was freaking jam la! Took us like an hour to get there. Crazy shit. It was still super jam at 845pm! -.-"
Oh well. Got there, hugged her and went in to see her grandmother. Shit man. I can't do funeral. Or weddings. Lolx. I'll tear and cry. I stayed on and went in for the prayers. Was tearing the whole time. That didn't help chelle at all. Lolx. I'M SORRY! Stayed on awhile more cause kimmy came. I think I stayed there for like more than 2 hours. So before I left, I went to see her one last time. I cried again. It's just so weird. I was thinking of that time in UK. She was so cute. And I had to talk to her in BM sometimes cause I can't freaking chat to her in Canto. And so she spoke to me in canto and bm. It's just too weird. Rest in Peace Aunty! ><

Sigh~ Talking about funerals and stuff, no mood to blog nemore. Oh well. Will continue later!

Need to find new blogskin! New year! New Blogskin! Lolx.


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