Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What to eat?

Am still at work now. It's going to be 8pm now. Waiting for one of my clients to approve the artwork so I can finally FA it! YAaaaar~!

So anyway, might be meeting up with wen or chelle tonight. See how and I'm still at work. No idea when I can get out of here.

Freaking hungry de lo!! Sigh~

I changed my blogskin again. But I wanna change again. It's not really nice. Because of the fonts which are too small and too tight together. So it's difficult! I mean ya.

Yesterday, had dinner with Phyo, Yh, Liz and one of yh's friend. Had steamboat again at Desa Park City. I really like eating there. Plus the environment and stuff. Nice! Plus, I didn't have to pay. Lolx. Phyo paid for everyone! Thank you Phyo!!

Wonder what will I have for dinner later. I'm so hungry d. What to eat. What to eat. Oh ladida~
Sigh~ Still waiting. Die la like that.

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