Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have to settle the visa crap thing. Argh! Hate doing all these stuff.

I thought I lost my passport today. Was about to cry. Looked under my bed. Under my sister's bed. In my drawers. Found loads of crap in my drawer though. Note to self. Have to clean out my drawer and throw it into a box. Ya. Ok. Look in the safe. Tada. Found a bit of money tho! >.< Look for it downstairs. My bags. Found loads of rubbish too! And I found coins! Lolx.
Then. It was behind my drawer. Mch. Seriously wanted to cry de. Luckily found it de. Aish. Aish. Happiness.

Im feeling hungry now. *sob*

Waiting for Julia to call me go yum cha. Then I have to go Vintry cause it's Becky's birthday. Shit. Aish. Ok.


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