Friday, August 29, 2008

Honey Stars

I feel like eating Honey Stars. Been so long since I last ate that. The other day I wanted to. I woke up early to do my stupid shit. Early in the MORNING! Ya. I saw Honey Stars!!! I was so happy. Took it out. Poured it into the bowl. Open fridge. Look for milk. WTF!! NO MILK!!!!! Freaking sad ok. Took me all that trouble to open the cupboard. Take out the box. Close the cupboard. Open the box. Take out the packet. Open the packet. Open the cupboard. Take out the bowl. Close the cupboard. Pour into the bowl. Walk to the fridge. Open the fridge door. Look for no milk. No fucking milk!!! Walk back to bowl. Pour back into packet. Put bowl into basin. Put packet back in box. Close box. Open cupboard. Place back box. And close cupboard.

SEE!! I did so many things just to have Honey Stars for breakfast. And there were no milk!!! All those energy wasted!!!!!!!!!! FOR NOTHING!
*sniff* *sniff* waaaaaaa *sob*

So I had to cook Maggie Mee then. Total sadness.

Yay! I already did my stupid visa today de! Wish me luck and pray for me that I'll get my visa! Nothing much to worry about now then. Just that shit.

Currently waiting with Brian, Sanction and Phyo to have lunch with bloody Chucky. Waiting for his blardy call. I is hungry and sleepy. I realised we always wait for freaking Chucky. Idiot Chucky. -.-

Shall go disturb someone now!

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