Sunday, August 3, 2008

Pain everywhere

I'm in pain. Sooooo much PAIN!@!!@!#!@#!@#
It hurts cause of yesterday. DAMN! >.<

PAIN!!! *sob*

It's painful to climb stairs. It's painful when I'm trying to sit or getting up from the freaking chair. And it even hurts when I need to shit!!!! >.<

Oh ya. My post on the July 30th. Hehe. MingMing, I wasn't' referring to a person. I lost my memory card. My phone memory card. Then my maid found it. I HATE CHELSIE!!!!!!!!!!!! Ya, you know why. SHE TOTALLY CHEWED THE WHOLE ELECTRONICS THINGY OUT OF THE FREAKING PLASTIC COVER!!!!!!

Ya. I hate her. Mmhmm. SHe knows it too. I think. >.<

Ok. Now I'm off to emo some more and also. I think I need ta shit~ Oh damn. The agony.

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