Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Boa - Meri Kuri

The day I met you, I knew you were the one,
It was on that day so much happiness came to me,
We acted the same as the couples around
And we locked our arms and walked down the path ahead

Together we are under the same blue heavens
Having the same heart and oh the same feelings
It shows that as we are together out hearts are as one

Always, Forever I need you
And the love that I want to have is the love that we share
Lost are the painful and sorrowful wounds
Just because you are near to me, and just that sets me free

Lonely despair and the hardships ahead
The cold winter wind had become the warm, warm spring
The very first snow left me feeling alone
But I didn't cry, I just kept on smiling true

The love that I feared more than anything near me
The CD that keeps playing on and on for me
Was simply a letter of love from your heart to my own

Always, forever this love has escaped from me
And I thought of this day and night, of the love I once knew
Always, Forever I wanted to say
"You were always the one for me, and for that I thank you"

The road where the white and pure snow keeps on falling
That's where you made your sweet promises to me
You told me our love should be whiter than snow and that would help get us through

Always, I knew that I was missing something
But your love is still filling up the - empty, cold spots
Snowflakes the gift that the heavens are dropping
And it's you, you're the one for me, and you are all that I need
The soft, white snows falling now
I wish on our pure kiss


Super emo song. *sniff* *sniff* Lee Tung. Why! Why must you let me listen to this!!!!! Babiness.

Don't think I can sleep tonight then. Waaaaaaaaaah~

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