Thursday, April 3, 2008

Panda eyes

Omg. I have to start working for Vintry now. Cause Becky gonna have her baby soon. So there's not enough people to work. So have to help out. I'm so gonna die! Sigh.

Nowadays I'm feeling too lazy to blog. Tired. And also. I don't know. It'll just be more emo posts. I'm feeling emo everyday. I have no freaking idea.
Oh wait.
I think I know why. You know. I know. Aish. Lolx. I think I need sleep. Get up and try to do assignment. Yes. "Try" to do la k.
What did I say just now at kopitiam? hrmmm.

Oh yesh! I'm not going clubbing de! Until my finals over. And I said something else. Oh wait. I didn't. Never mind.
I can't wait for this semester over! Then Bangkok~ Shopping~
Oh. I gave Yee Hui to keep my atm card. If I keep it with me any longer. I won't have anything left for Bangkok trip.

Faster semester. Go~ Go~ Away~ Then holidays!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohoo~

All that dota. All that anime. All that manga. Can't wait! Oh yes. My long forgotten PS2~ FF12. Must finish it! Lalalalala~ And also gameboy. Harvest Moon~ Oh. Maybe I borrow Yee Hui's Nintendo Ds and play Harvest Moon too! And also. Omg. So many things I wanna do. Can't wait~ Can't wait!!!!

Ok. Can't think about all that now. Have to do assignment first. Have to study. Yes. Then only can think of all that. Ya. Ya. Ok.


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