Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I finish my assignment de!!! Whoopeedoo~ Obviously, I could have done better if I did it earlier. As usual. Well. Hope I don't fuck it up. Now. Gotta study. Argh. Freaking lazy like shit.
Am at yee hui's house now. Staying over.

So damn the tired. And I want to go out! But Wai Wai don't want to go out. So sad. Nvm. I try to pull her out invisibly. Whahaha. Ok. I guess I shall go to bed.

Oh. I just realized I haven't blog for almost 8 days. Hey! I was busy k. With assignments, studying, working and erm...clubbing..hehe. Ya. I know I said I'm not gonna club till after exams. But. Oh well. I just need to go wild! Muahahaha. Ok. I think I'm tired. Talking nonsense de.

Night night.

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