Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Monday Night/Tuesday Morning.

Got back from blitz. I didn't play! Just went to yumcha with those e.s.p peeps. Ric was playing there. so ya.

1:40am - Got home. Went ta change and a quick shower.

1:45am - Crashed on my bed. And tried ta sleep.

1:50am - Still not asleep yet. Heard something coming up. *cling* *clang* *cling* *clang*

1:53am - It was Chelsie still clanging outside my door. Kelly was like. Che. It's Chelsie la. Let her in.
I just ignored my sis. Too lazy to bother.

1:55am - Amelyn came in. Switched the light on and went in ta the toilet.

2:00am - Got out of the toilet. I'm still rolling around. Trying ta sleep. Light still on. Too tired to switched it off. Amelyn got out of the room. And DID NOT FREAKING OFF THE LIGHT!

2:10am - She came back in. Walked around. Don't know doing what. Went out again. *mahai*

2:25am - At last. She switched the freaking lights off. Can sleep. But still rolling around. Aish.

2:27am - My phone rang!!! !#$@#%!#%@#$%@# Who the heck messaging me now@@!!@!@! It was Esther! -.- She asked me what time my exam and asked for lunch.

2:40am - Still messaging Esther.

2:45am - Still can't sleep

3:00am till don't know what time. I guess I finally slept. But didn't feel like it.

4:00am - FREAKING ALARM!!!! Wah. Gotta wake up de. Went back to sleep again. Set it to 15 minutes later.

4:14am - "Che. Wake up!" IT'S NOT 4:15 YET!!!!!!!!!

4:15am - Showered. Ate. Study.

7:00am - Left house to College.

8-9:30am - Total blanked out.

9:35am - Went ta Nubody. Get my cheque. Ate there.

10:55am - Got home. Took book to return to Mei's uni library. Bank In cheque

11:30am - Was supposed to go look for Wai Ming. To borrow book. Too tired. Cancel lunch with Esther.

12:30pm - Nice sleep

Well. I don't have to freaking write the whole day. I slept till 7pm. Had dinner and then went out to yum cha. Now. I'm super bored!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Friday! Then I'll be so free...ya.

Then Holiday! Woohoo!!!

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