Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Stop intruding!

Hey everyone. You know what. I found out something about my brother. Which in a way I know it'll happen one day. But then. Still. *sigh* I can't say much. But oh well. It's my brother's life. But as long as it isn't something else. Or I WILL kill him. >.<

You know what. I've been feeling pretty weepy the past few days/weeks. I don't get weepy over my petty everyday stuff. But over freaking tv shows, movies, anime, manga! *ok, I know. I'm supposed to be doing my assignments and studying. But I've been freaking stressed over TWO jobs, assignments and needing to study, and so, this is my way of de-stressing me!*
I'm like crying over so many things. Ok. I don't go *sob* *sob* but I go *sniff* *sniff*. No good. That explains my sort of flu these days. I mean. I do tear when I watch movies and stuff. But this is freaking almost every single time I watch/read something! -.-

Moving on . . .

I want to move on! But can't. And it's freaking bugging the shit outta me! *which would be really helpful ta me now* >.<
I'm trying hard. But I can't! I mean. I tried a long time ago. Ok. Which was last year. But it didn't work. It's like totally plastered in my freaking mind. And it's seriously bugging the SHIT out of me. >.<

Omg. I wrote something here. But it has been magically erased. I have no freaking idea how it happened. Like magic? Bla bla bla. -.-

There's another thing I've been feeling these days. I've been feeling super bitchy. -.- *I can just imagine you guys smirking* I've just been feeling PARTICULARLY bitchy. Maybe cause of something. Don't know.

Ok. Ok. I'm gonna bore you to death with this post. I just need to rant a bit. ok?

Oh. That day, I was shouting at Amelyn the whole way when we were fetching Raymond. Then of course, we started fighting. But at every little thing I got so piss'd for no damn reason. I was wondering too. What is it I'm so piss'd off for? Well. The answer was. It was "that time of the month" thingy. I got it the very next day!
It's true. That when I'm in a really bad mood. It comes.
And I totally bite during those times. *RAWR*

I feel panda eyes coming along. Off ta assignment. And ta sleep right after that. If I don't get all weepy first.


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